Phase 2 of the SUCCESS Framework is a transfer of knowledge from GOMB to individual agencies in order to sustain operational improvements long term. This is called SUCCESS+. Under this phase, agencies select and manage their own improvement projects in support of the broader initiatives of Utah Life Elevated 2020. 

Selected projects should be ambitious with a focus on critical policy areas. Examples include reducing opioid dependencies and decreasing the time and cost to start a new business. 

While GOMB will work with agencies in selecting and supporting their projects, agency executive management teams will be responsible for making progress toward the selected project goal and targets. Resources are available for agencies on the SUCCESS Framework website.

In addition to selecting and managing these larger improvement projects, agencies will also be accountable for a continued focus on improving and measuring the progress of those systems that contributed to the 25 percent improvement target set for the end of 2016. All systems, even those that have hit or exceeded the 25 percent improvement target, should continue to find ways to improve. 

Objectives for SUCCESS+
  • Agency achievement of their internal ambitious performance targets for improvement projects that support the Governor’s Utah Life Elevated 2020 initiative
  • Identification and development of internal experts within each agency with the knowledge and capacity to manage improvement efforts
  • Increased awareness among all state employees regarding the general SUCCESS Framework and operational excellence tools and principles
  • Continued and ongoing improvement of agency systems and operations