Governor Herbert charged GOMB to work with state agencies to improve performance by 25 percent by December 2016. Utah government improved performance by more than 27 percent thanks to state agencies' hard work and implementation of the SUCCESS Framework.

The 25 percent target was not an exercise in reducing budgets but rather a focus on improving all aspects of operational performance. In other words, government that is better, faster and cheaper.

SUCCESS 1.0 was the first phase of the SUCCESS Framework. Utah State government has now moved on to phase two (SUCCESS+) and phase 3 (Focused Implementation). 

Objectives for SUCCESS 1.0

  • Articulate a clear and concise goal
  • Develop system performance measures
  • Develop and implement improvement strategies
  • Create a visual work flow
Results: 27% Improvement

Graph of Utah Statewide Success Framework Results
SUCCESS Fundamentals Brochure

Graph of Utah Statewide Success Framework Results