Executive Water Finance Board

The Executive Water Finance Board was created in 2017. Its purpose is to review the fiscal and economic implications of state water projects. Questions/comments for the board can be directed to waterfinanceboard@utah.gov.


Headshot of Jon Bronson
Jon Bronson

Sr. Vice President/Managing Director, Zions Public Finance

Headshot of Juliette Tennert
Juliette Tennert

Director of Economics and Public Policy,  Kem. C Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah

Headshot of David Damschen
David Damschen

Treasurer, State of Utah

Headshot of Laura Briefer
Laura Briefer

Director, Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities

Headshot of Evan Curtis
Evan Curtis

Senior Budget & Policy Analyst and Strategic Planner, Governor's Office of Planning and Budget

Headshot of Laura Briefer
Erica Gaddis

Director, Division of Water Quality