2018 Utah Ops Conference

Plenary Session Presentations

Day 1: Opening Plenary Session
Day 1: Plenary Lunch Session
Day 1: Afternoon Plenary Session
Day 2: Morning Plenary Session
Day 2 Plenary Lunch Session


The Shortcut to Success in Social Services
Real People, Real Projects, Real Results
Intense Focus, Extreme Results
Telling Your Story
The Truth Behind IT: Adding Value to the Business
SUCCESS Framework 101
Making Your Case For Funding
Achieving Breakthrough Performance at the Utah State Hospital
Got Smarts? The Use of Integrated Workflow Intelligence to Improve Processes and Results
Marketing With Success
Family Employment
Yes, We’ve Always Done It this Way, but… Why not Do It Better, Faster, Cheaper?
Applying TOC in Academic Medicine
Keep It Simple
Elaboration of USU's Quality Workforce Initiative for Student Success