Getting Even Better

UDOTACCESSICONUsing the tools and strategies of the SUCCESS Framework, Rod McDaniels of the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and his team of access permitting experts have generated a 19.5 percent system improvement from SFY 13 to SFY 14. The UDOT Access Management Program is charged to protect access to Utah’s state highway system through a responsible and controlled permitting process. An effective access management program reduces property damage, personal injury, and vehicle or pedestrian-related fatality rates while also improving traffic flow and circulation for Utah businesses and residents.

“What good looks like” for the access permitting team is a more complete review of applications—allowing them to approve permits faster and increase the percentage of applications approved within 45 days. To ensure a more complete application or “full kit,” Rod and his team have:

  • redesigned UDOT website content so applicants have a clear explanation of the process;
  • developed a uniform statewide permit application packet;
  • improved the pre-application meeting by developing a clear checklist of what constitutes a complete application;
  • designed an easy-to-use variance request form that uploads to the online permitting system;
  • designed an easy-to-use appeal form;
  • added website links to documents that explain the how’s and why’s of access management; and
  • implemented a statewide performance dashboard.

Kudos to Carlos Braceras, Executive Director, for supporting the SUCCESS Framework initiative and to the UDOT access management team of Rhett Arnell, Robert Dowell, Darin Fristrup, Tony Lau, Rod McDaniels, Lyle McMillan, Leslie Peterson, Rux Rowland, Katy Warren, and Lisa Wilson. Their work is another prime example of how an already effective process or system can be made even better.