Click on the links below to learn how state agencies are improving public sector performance through implementation of the SUCCESS Framework. 

  • Insurance: Quality Counts with SUCCESS

    Thanks to operational improvements, consumers are experiencing a more transparent process and personal touch that ensures their concerns are heard and understood. [Read More]

  • Heritage & Arts: Digging in with SUCCESS

    Project Goal: Provide online access to 110,000+ archaeological site forms to reduce operational costs and private consultant and government dependency on physical records. [Read More]

  • Leveraging Technology with SUCCESS

    By applying the tools and principles of the SUCCESS Framework, the Dept. of Technology Services has been able to realize an initial 32 percent improvement in the volume and quality of development projects. [Read More}

  • Excellence in Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC) with SUCCESS

    The Dept. of Human Resource Management Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC) team has improved performance by 94 percent for employees, managers, the dept. and taxpayers. [Read More]

  • Weeding Out Invasive Species with SUCCESS

    Working with the Dept. of Agriculture & Food, The SUCCESS Framework improved efforts to control weeds by focusing local efforts on statewide weed priorities, which are generally new invaders. [Read More]

  • Health: Keeping Pace with Utah’s Population

    Vital Records has worked with Intermountain to integrate the information needed for state death records into the data system. Prior to this project, physicians recorded death record information twice. This change saves valuable time and effort. [Read More]

Past Success Stories