Driver License Division – Medical

The medical section within the Utah Driver License Division has made measurable and significant improvements in their performance. The medical section is responsible to ensure drivers with medical conditions are properly monitored by their physician(s). With increased numbers of incoming forms and the section’s renewal by mail/Internet responsibilities, it was extremely difficult to stay on top of their workload. Incomplete forms were often received by the section, which had to be returned to the driver or forwarded to the driver’s physician for follow up. The backlog contributed to the submission of duplicate forms. Drivers called frequently to ensure their documentation had been received. With each distraction, the medical team was pulled away from their day-to-day responsibilities.

When the team first met to discuss the SUCCESS Framework approach, there was a growing backlog of more than 8,200 medical forms. The section considered hiring additional staff to assist with the workload. In February 2014, the medical team implemented several SUCCESS strategies that resulted in some immediate – and impressive results.

  • Of the twelve workweeks since February, only two contributed work to the backlog queue.
  • Over the same time period, the team received 29,457 new medical forms and processed a total of 37,669 forms—fully eliminating the backlog of 8,212 forms!

The following illustrates how the team reduced the backlog while absorbing new work – all without hiring additional employees.

  • The team identified the most critical work that employees should be performing—referred to as “blue light” activities.
  • All activities that interfered with blue light were moved to “filter roles” within the team.
  • Individuals rotating through the “filter roles” assumed all activities except for blue light work. The “filter” position also helped the blue light staff reduce bad multi-tasking.
  • In addition to filtering out interfering activities from those performing blue light activities, the “filter roles” ensured that those in blue light roles received all of the information and documentation needed to perform their work efficiently and to avoid rework—this is referred to as providing a “full kit.”

Congratulations to this remarkable team. Management within the Utah Driver License Division is very impressed with the outcome and looks forward to implementing the SUCCESS Framework in other areas of the division.