New SMIS Version Launch

The SUCCESS Measurement Information System (SMIS), demonstrated at the training on April 9, has been tested and is ready for deployment. During a recent meeting, Governor Herbert expressed excitement that he can personally monitor the progress of each system and agency participating in the SUCCESS Framework.

GOMB staff are reviewing all baseline data to ensure accuracy and to document information sources as they populate the SMIS with baseline data and reports to date. We expect to complete initial data entry by May 16. To begin, only those systems with reports beyond baseline values will be included in the SMIS. If your agency has already started reporting SUCCESS results, GOMB knows your points of contact for reporting and will contact those individuals by May 16 to schedule the transition to the new system. Initially, all training will be one-on-one with GOMB staff. As other agencies begin reporting, individuals responsible for data input will be introduced to and trained in the use of the SMIS application.

The SMIS system will be significantly easier to use and should decrease the time dedicated to performance reporting as compared to the past. If you have questions about the SMIS or the transition for your agency, please contact Rick Little at or call 801-538-1516.

Thank you.