Agency Realignment

In the 2011 General Session, House Bill 280, State Agency Realignment (Harper), was passed by the Utah Legislature. As a result, Governor Gary R. Herbert formed the Advisory Council on Optimizing and Streamlining State Government in June of 2011. This commission made of nineteen business and community leaders is tasked with identifying opportunities to reduce administrative costs, incorporating best management practices, streamlining services, and improving efficiency in state government.

The original bill (HB280) creating this commission is located here.

The Advisory Council presented its report the Governor in October of 2011. The final report to the Governor is located here.

The Governor would like to extend gratitude to the following business and community leaders for their generous time and expertise:

  • Val Oveson (Chair)
  • Senator Stuart Reid
  • Representative Wayne Harper
  • Representative Patrice Arent
  • Kristen Cox
  • Clark Harms
  • Brad Bertoch
  • Brent Gardner
  • Carlos Linares
  • Dave Hart
  • Jenny Wilson
  • Lincoln Shurtz
  • Michelle McOmber
  • Randy Parker
  • Randy Harmsen
  • Tammie Lucero
  • Taylor Oldroyd
  • Tom Bingham
  • Tyler Ploeger