Operational Excellence

Kristen Cox, Executive Director for GOMB
“Gov. Herbert set out a bold vision for how state agencies should perform. GOMB’s goal is to support agencies in achieving this vision and to leverage the expertise that exists within each state agency.”Kristen Cox, Executive Director

GOMB is focused on measurable results that will drive operations and the budgeting process over time. Our experience is that many organizations operate by managing individual units, divisions or functions in isolation from one another rather than aligning them with a shared vision and management framework. Consequently, the organization’s goals, targets, business processes, IT projects, policies, staff compensation and other key fundamentals are fractured—significantly limiting performance.

Our goal at GOMB is to help agencies reach peak performance and improvement targets by sharing the tools and skill sets needed to integrate individual functions into a single system and framework.

Our approach is grounded in seven fundamentals of high-performing organizations that complement and build upon one another, called the SUCCESS Framework. When implemented as a whole, the SUCCESS Framework can transform fractured organizations into an integrated system with shared goals and the ability to achieve them.