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Division of Consumer Protection SUCCESS Story

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Goal of Success System A key role of the Division of Consumer Protection is investigating complaints consumers have about transactions with businesses. The complaints vary widely and can potentially fall under one of more than 15 different statutory schemes enforced by the division. However, all the complaints have something in common: they matter to the individual who filed the complaint. …

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Utah State Hospital SUCCESS STORY

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Goal When an individual is found by a judge to be “Not Competent to Stand Trial,” he or she is ordered to receive competency restoration services by the state. Services include various clinical and pharmacological methods to improve the individual’s mental capacity to understand the court process and be capable to participate in his/her own defense. Utah’s forensic services are …

Utah Office of Tourism SUCCESS STORY

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Goal of Success System The Utah Office of Tourism’s SUCCESS program aims to distill its many marketing and promotional activities into a single, easy to understand measure to gauge operational performance over time. Virtually all of its programs directly or indirectly drive out-of-state traffic to its consumer website, To ensure that the Office of Tourism’s SUCCESS measure is based …


Ops Conference Announces Steve Starks as a 2018 Keynote Speaker

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The conference is the largest Theory of Constraints gathering in the world Steve Starks, president of Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment and president of the Utah Jazz, will be a keynote speaker at the State of Utah and Goldratt Consulting Operational Excellence Conference on Sept. 27-28 at the Grand America Hotel. Steve will talk about what it takes to …

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Governing: Embrace Your Limitations — in Life and Public Policy

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Kristen Cox knows about constraints. While coming to terms with becoming blind, she hit rock-bottom in a manhole. That’s not a metaphor. Nor is her solo skydiving. But they do give you a sense of the highs and lows she’s confronted. And she’ll tell you that embracing your constraints makes for good public policy — and a good life. Listen …

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Deseret News: How to make Utah’s water supply last

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Summer is now in full swing. As the temperatures increase, so do the discussions about the state of Utah’s water. And for good reason. Utah’s population is expected to reach 5.5 million by 2060, putting more pressure on water resources than ever before. Read More>>


Governor’s Office of Management and Budget Statement on Utah’s Job Growth Rate

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Phil Dean, chief economist of the Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, released the following statement about Utah having the highest job growth rate in the country for the month of April: “Utah’s monthly labor market indicators continue to impress. The state’s economic strength reflects not only an expansionary national economic climate, but also foundational state policy decisions designed …