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Department of Heritage and Arts Success Story

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Goal of Success System Use the Department of Heritage and Arts’ (DHA) IT funds efficiently and effectively to support the department’s goal of creating vibrant communities through arts, culture and heritage. Strategies Manage DHA’s IT assets in the simplest, most accurate manner possible. Only pay for actively-used assets by surplussing assets no longer in productive use and by reconciling the …

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Division of Water Quality SUCCESS Story

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Goal of SUCCESS System The Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Water Quality (DWQ) Spills Incident Management SUCCESS system aims to standardize and improve responses to events that threaten water quality around Utah. SUCCESS Framework metrics measure the timeliness of a DWQ enforcement decision. Timely enforcement decisions ensure appropriate actions are taken and help encourage compliance. Strategies When the …

Governor Herbert

ABC4 – Governor proposes $19 billion budget for 2020

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As Utah’s state revenue reaches record highs, Governor Gary Herbert announced lofty plans on how to use $19 million in the 2020 fiscal year. More than 40 percent of the budget, $7.7 billion, is proposed to go to public education. Read More>>


State Leaders Announce Budget Forecast for FY 2020 Revenue Numbers

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The Governor’s Office, Senate, and the House of Representatives have jointly released revenue forecast numbers for FY 2020. The consensus review provides $675 million in new ongoing funding, as well as $646 million in new one-time funding to be available for the coming legislative session. These funds reflect the strength of Utah’s growing economy. “Utah’s economy is truly thriving,” said …

Utah State Office Building

State of Utah Teleworking Initiative

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The State of Utah is always looking for ways to reward high-performing employees and increase employee retention. Teleworking was identified as a way for the State of Utah to provide increased flexibility and reduced commute times for workers, so a pilot is underway at the State Office Building to learn valuable lessons about how to scale teleworking across multiple agencies. …

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Department of Agriculture and Food Success Story

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Goal of the Food Safety Inspection System Ensure the safety and integrity of food products available to Utah consumers. Strategies Over the last several years, the Department of Agriculture and Food’s (UDAF) high turnover of inspection employees presented a significant challenge to achieving its goal. The turnover made it difficult to keep up with the growing demand for inspections and the increase …