Excellence in ERIC with SUCCESS

Every day at the Department of Human Resource Management’s (DHRM) Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC), 26 technicians process around 2,000 employee transactions—everything from new employee on-boarding, to retirement estimates, time sheets, salary actions, terminations, and name changes. By applying the tools and principles of the SUCCESS Framework, the ERIC team has improved performance and value by 94% for employees, managers, the enterprise, and taxpayers.

THE GOALeric-processing-2000

ERIC’s goal is to process employee transactions as accurately, consistently, and timely as possible with great customer service.


In 2011, DHRM created ERIC to improve employee transaction processing and leveraged economies of scale by centralizing about 70% of technicians and transactions. Upon starting SUCCESS, they inventoried needs, evaluated performance, and noted a backlog in transaction processing still being done in field offices. This signaled overwhelmed technicians, inaccurate electronic records, and delayed services for employees and managers.

one-and-doneIn July 2014, DHRM capitalized on ERIC’s infrastructure, standardized procedures, and proven value by transitioning the remaining 30% of technicians and transactions from field offices to ERIC where they eradicated the backlog in 3 months. DHRM has remained focused on their goal. They single-task—rather than multitask—and complete as many transactions as possible as ‘one-and-done’—handled once, by one person, from start to finish.

“Our focus on measurable goals led us to consider the operational purpose of all HR technicians. Their “blue light” is to support timely and accurate completion of HR transactions. We believed we could get more “blue light” capacity by organizing the flow of work such that as many technicians as possible were single-tasked around this purpose.”

– Debbie Cragun, DHRM Executive Director


improved-value-94%Since FY 2014, the ERIC team has continued to excel. They’re processing a growing number of transactions and are on track to exceed 500,000 this year–about a 20% increase–and are doing so with about 25% fewer staff. As a result, DHRM has realized savings of about $900,000 from reduced staffing and overhead. The ERIC team has also sustained superior quality with improved timeliness, consistency, accuracy, and a 99% customer satisfaction rating in FY 2015. While some savings were reinvested to increase capacity or reallocated to meet needs, some will be passed on to agencies as reflected in FY 2017 ISF human resource services and payroll rates that are 3% and 5% lower than they would have been in absence of the realized savings. By improving the quality processing of more transactions at lower cost, DHRM ERIC has improved value by 94%.


Future improvements are on the horizon with the development of DHRM’s new management system, HRIS. DHRM’s drive to improve performance and value will increase standardization of service delivery across the enterprise, improve clarity around customer cost per service, and strengthen business intelligence for managers and the enterprise. Congratulations and thanks to the amazing team at DHRM and in ERIC led by supervisors Marianne Schow and Jamie Boyle and Director Bill Brandon!