Census 2020 – State Complete Count Committee

State Complete Count Committee Group Photo

The State of Utah is committed to ensuring a complete and accurate count of all Utahns in the 2020 Census. This will be accomplished through strategic outreach to hard-to-count populations, education, stakeholder involvement and state-level leadership through the State Complete Count Committee.

Members of the State Complete Count Committee serve as ambassadors to their organizations, communities, stakeholders and networks. They lead in developing and executing statewide awareness strategies to increase participation in the 2020 Census.

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"The census plays a part in every day for Utahns from education and roads to healthcare and politics. The outcome of the census can determine electoral representation down to the local level, including school boards and city councils. Infrastructure decisions and funding, from road repairs to transit development, use information based on census counts. Public safety uses these numbers to guide decisions about service areas, fire stations, police precincts and hospitals. The census impacts every part of life in Utah, so be counted because you matter."

The application period for the Census 2020 Outreach Grant is now closed. Due to overwhelming interest, the Complete Count Committee was unable to fund all of the requests. A list of the successful applicants can be found at the link below. Additional Census 2020 outreach resources and promotional materials will be posted here as they become available.  

List of Grant Recipients


  • Cameron Diehl

    Cameron Diehl
    Executive Director
    Utah League of Cities and Towns

    "An accurate census count is critical for cities and towns across Utah. The census numbers dictate how much revenue cities and towns receive under state distribution formulas for sales tax and gas tax. Likewise, the census counts will also outline how to distribute federal tax dollars to cities and towns. Utah’s 1,380 mayors and council members are responsible for ensuring key services and infrastructure for residents and they need the accurate revenue to provide services proportionately. Additionally, cities and towns are conduits to their residents of all ages, ethnicities and socioeconomic statuses. Mayors and council members are trusted community leaders. As such, they play a valuable role in ensuring that every resident fulfill their constitutional responsibilities to participate in the census. Stand up and be counted!"

  • Rebecca Chavez-Houck
    Retired Utah State Legislator   

    "It's crucial that we all work together to implement a thorough and accurate 2020 Census. This will ensure that Utah gets our fair share of the federal taxes we’ve paid into our system in the form of education funding, housing assistance, transportation funding, etc. Every Utahn counts!"

  • Jake Fitisemanu
    West Valley City Councilmember

    "Census data isnʼt just used to determine how many seats we get in Congress, but also directly influences how much funding goes to our schools, our health services programs, our transportation infrastructure and many other basic components of our society. By filling out your Census form, you are helping to improve the quality of life in your community, and thatʼs a big deal. You matter. Be counted."