Applying Triage at the Utah Driver License Division

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In the past five years, the Utah Driver License Division has dramatically reduced average wait times for all of its 13 field offices—even with an average of 1,200 additional customers per month since the project began. How did the division achieve such exciting results? Simple—by applying the concept of triage to manage flow. Triage Triage is a concept that assigns …

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Implementing Standard Work at the Utah Occupational Safety and Health Division

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In January 2016, the Labor Commission’s Utah Occupational Safety and Health Division (UOSH) applied the concept of standard work to its workplace inspection process with the goal to issue citations (for when workplaces are found to have a recognized hazard) within 45 days from the opening of an inspection. By statute, UOSH has six months to issue a citation. However, …

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Implementing Full Kit at the Utah Office for Victims of Crime

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Part of the Utah Office for Victims of Crime’s (UOVC) mission is to provide financial compensation to innocent victims of violent crime for their out-of-pocket, crime-related expenses. This requires a UOVC reparation officer to receive information from the victim, victim advocates, treatment providers, law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, and other partners to determine if and how the office can help. By …

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Implementing Standard Work at the Utah Occupational Safety and Health Division

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By implementing standard work for its inspections of workplace hazards, the Utah Occupational Safety and Health Division now completes an impressive 83% of cases within 45 days, up from 45% in Jan 2016—an astounding 38% improvement. The division significantly sped up its processes while maintaining quality. Congratulations to the awesome team at the Division for all their hard work and …

Simplifying the Procurement Process

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The Department of Administrative Services’ Division of Purchasing has developed and tested a new procurement model called value-based procurement. The objective of the new model is to provide quicker results and better outcomes for both agencies and vendors.  One of the biggest problems with the traditional procurement process is government agencies prescribe the solution as part of their solicitation without …

Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control SUCCESS Story

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Many organizations fall into the trap of forecasting demand as a go-to solution for all products and services. Over the past year, the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget has worked with the Utah Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC) to improve operations. In the past, DABC tried to forecast demand for its products. It also relied on vendor discounts …

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Applying FITT to the Family Employment Program

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In April 2017, the Workforce Development Division (WDD) housed within the Department of Workforce Services implemented a 15-month pilot in the Family Employment Program (FEP). The Family Employment Program is a temporary cash assistance program for families with a 36-month lifetime limit. The pilot incorporated Theory of Constraints principles and family-focused philosophies into the program service delivery model with the …

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Department of Heritage and Arts Success Story

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Goal of Success System Use the Department of Heritage and Arts’ (DHA) IT funds efficiently and effectively to support the department’s goal of creating vibrant communities through arts, culture and heritage. Strategies Manage DHA’s IT assets in the simplest, most accurate manner possible. Only pay for actively-used assets by surplussing assets no longer in productive use and by reconciling the …

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Division of Water Quality SUCCESS Story

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Goal of SUCCESS System The Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Water Quality (DWQ) Spills Incident Management SUCCESS system aims to standardize and improve responses to events that threaten water quality around Utah. SUCCESS Framework metrics measure the timeliness of a DWQ enforcement decision. Timely enforcement decisions ensure appropriate actions are taken and help encourage compliance. Strategies When the …

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Department of Agriculture and Food Success Story

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Goal of the Food Safety Inspection System Ensure the safety and integrity of food products available to Utah consumers. Strategies Over the last several years, the Department of Agriculture and Food’s (UDAF) high turnover of inspection employees presented a significant challenge to achieving its goal. The turnover made it difficult to keep up with the growing demand for inspections and the increase …