Division of Water Quality SUCCESS Story

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Goal of SUCCESS System The Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Water Quality (DWQ) Spills Incident Management SUCCESS system aims to standardize and improve responses to events that threaten water quality around Utah. SUCCESS Framework metrics measure the timeliness of a DWQ enforcement decision. Timely enforcement decisions ensure appropriate actions are taken and help encourage compliance. Strategies When the …

Dept. of Agriculture and Food Success Story

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Goal of Success System Ensure safety and integrity of food products available to residents in Utah. Strategies To achieve its goal, the Department of Agriculture and Food needed fully trained and competent inspectors, which was a problem since the department was experiencing high turnover. This turnover made it difficult to keep up with growing demand for inspections and increased complexity. …

Utah Highway Patrol Finds the Ticket to Success

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Watch this video to learn how the Utah Highway Patrol, housed within the Department of Public Safety, implemented operational improvements and achieved big results. Congratulations to the Utah Highway Patrol for its commitment to finding ways to better serve customers, employees and taxpayers.  

Photo of Utah Occupational Safety and Health Division staff on a job site

Occupational Safety and Health Division SUCCESS Story

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Goal of Success System This SUCCESS system is housed in the Commission’s Occupational Safety and Health Division (UOSH). The goal of the system is to issue UOSH citations within 45 days of the date of the opening conference. By statute, UOSH has six months to issue a citation. However, six months can be a lifetime on a job site and …

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Driver Licence Division SUCCESS Story

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Goal of Success System The goal of this SUCCESS system is for Driver License Division customers to receive the highest level of service and experience consistently short wait times. Strategy The strategy for achieving this goal focuses mainly on excellent management of a queuing system in order to maximize system flow. The queuing system allows Driver License Division field offices …

Photo of Captive Insurance Division Staff

Captive Division SUCCESS Story

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Goal of Success System The Utah Insurance Department’s Captive Division implemented its SUCCESS system to meet the increasing demands of regulating captive insurers. Since 2008, the number of Utah-licensed captive insurers has grown an average of 27 percent annually. In that time, the State went from 93 licensed captive insurers to a high of 593. To handle the increasing workload …

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Division of Consumer Protection SUCCESS Story

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Goal of Success System A key role of the Division of Consumer Protection is investigating complaints consumers have about transactions with businesses. The complaints vary widely and can potentially fall under one of more than 15 different statutory schemes enforced by the division. However, all the complaints have something in common: they matter to the individual who filed the complaint. …

Photo at the Utah State Hospital 6 Months of Quality Improvements Event

Utah State Hospital SUCCESS STORY

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Goal When an individual is found by a judge to be “Not Competent to Stand Trial,” he or she is ordered to receive competency restoration services by the state. Services include various clinical and pharmacological methods to improve the individual’s mental capacity to understand the court process and be capable to participate in his/her own defense. Utah’s forensic services are …

Utah Office of Tourism SUCCESS STORY

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Goal of Success System The Utah Office of Tourism’s SUCCESS program aims to distill its many marketing and promotional activities into a single, easy to understand measure to gauge operational performance over time. Virtually all of its programs directly or indirectly drive out-of-state traffic to its consumer website, www.visitutah.com. To ensure that the Office of Tourism’s SUCCESS measure is based …

Prudent Budget Management

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Utah’s Historical Budget Culture by Phil Dean, Budget Director and Chief Economist Our Sister States This spring as I participated in conference calls with bond rating agencies, I was surprised at how impressed the rating agencies were that Utah not only differentiates between ongoing and one-time revenue, but that we actually budget to these revenues and track our structural balance. …