Applying Triage at the Utah Driver License Division

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In the past five years, the Utah Driver License Division has dramatically reduced average wait times for all of its 13 field offices—even with an average of 1,200 additional customers per month since the project began. How did the division achieve such exciting results? Simple—by applying the concept of triage to manage flow. Triage Triage is a concept that assigns …

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Implementing Standard Work at the Utah Occupational Safety and Health Division

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In January 2016, the Labor Commission’s Utah Occupational Safety and Health Division (UOSH) applied the concept of standard work to its workplace inspection process with the goal to issue citations (for when workplaces are found to have a recognized hazard) within 45 days from the opening of an inspection. By statute, UOSH has six months to issue a citation. However, …

Update on Higher Education Strategic Planning Commission

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According to a report published by Georgetown University, over 95% of jobs created since the Great Recession require post-secondary education. The 21st century economy requires a dynamic and educated workforce. Post-secondary education levels correspond to higher average income and less government dependence. And whether it is supporting our children and/or others as they go through college; attracting employers looking to …

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Implementing Full Kit at the Utah Office for Victims of Crime

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Part of the Utah Office for Victims of Crime’s (UOVC) mission is to provide financial compensation to innocent victims of violent crime for their out-of-pocket, crime-related expenses. This requires a UOVC reparation officer to receive information from the victim, victim advocates, treatment providers, law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, and other partners to determine if and how the office can help. By …

Simplifying the Procurement Process

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The Department of Administrative Services’ Division of Purchasing has developed and tested a new procurement model called value-based procurement. The objective of the new model is to provide quicker results and better outcomes for both agencies and vendors.  One of the biggest problems with the traditional procurement process is government agencies prescribe the solution as part of their solicitation without …

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Applying FITT to the Family Employment Program

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In April 2017, the Workforce Development Division (WDD) housed within the Department of Workforce Services implemented a 15-month pilot in the Family Employment Program (FEP). The Family Employment Program is a temporary cash assistance program for families with a 36-month lifetime limit. The pilot incorporated Theory of Constraints principles and family-focused philosophies into the program service delivery model with the …

UDOT Snow Plow


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By: Utah Department of Transportation The Utah Department of Transportation had a problem with its snow plows: budget cuts and declining equipment quality. The department first thought more money was the only solution. After working with the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget (GOMB), this mindset changed leading to exciting results.  “Our budget had been cut – by a lot,” …

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2019 Legislative Session Outcomes

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The 2019 Legislative Session has come to a close. As a state employee, you may be wondering what bills passed and what impact they may have on you. This article highlights a few key takeaways from the session:  Tax Reform: Tax reform was one of the most-talked-about issues this session, and it will continue to be at the forefront of …


What Can $100 Million Do for Air Quality?

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In 2017 the Utah Department of Environmental Quality and Gov. Gary Herbert announced a lofty goal to reduce annual emissions into Utah’s air by 25 percent by 2026 – an ambitious benchmark by any standard of measure and one made more difficult by Utah’s rapidly growing population. How exactly do we reach a 25 percent reduction? The Governor’s FY 2020 …

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Success Newsletter – January 2019

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Utah Government: Investing in What Works Utah government is committed to continually looking for ways to provide more value for every tax dollar invested. Thanks to great employees, the state is succeeding in this effort. But, there is always more work to do. Check out the Investing in What Works policy brief from the Governor’s FY 2020 Budget Recommendations book to learn …