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In August 2012, Governor Herbert reorganized and retitled the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget as the Governor's Office of Management and Budget (GOMB). The office was established to make Utah more efficient in the way it does business and allocates scarce resources.

The mission of GOMB is to create more value for every tax dollar invested. To carry out this mission, Gov. Herbert appointed Kristen Cox as the first executive director of the new office. Prior to her appointment, Kristen served as the executive director of the Dept. of Workforce Services. Her role in overseeing major agency structural changes and saving taxpayers more than $30 million made her a perfect fit to lead GOMB.

Part of the restructure included assigning GOMB responsibility for statewide operational improvements. Under the leadership of Kristen Cox, the operations team created the SUCCESS Framework. The SUCCESS Framework is a set of management principles based on Theory of Constraints principles designed to boost the quality and efficiency of government services with the goal of creating more value for every tax dollar invested.

When the Governor created GOMB, he issued a challenge for the office to work with state agencies to improve performance by 25 percent by Dec. 2016. GOMB exceeded this goal by reaching 27 percent improvement in government performance. The work to improve government is never over, and the focus has now shifted to targeted improvements at specific agencies. 

In addition to operational improvement efforts, GOMB manages the state’s budget. GOMB estimates anticipated revenues, analyzes both base budgets and the new budget requests and assists the Governor in preparing final budget recommendations. The office combines operational excellence tools and fiscally responsible budgeting practices to meet the growing demand for state services.

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Utah State Capitol, Suite 150
P.O. Box 142210
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2210

Phone: 801-538-1027
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