Utah State Office Building

State of Utah Teleworking Initiative

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The State of Utah is always looking for ways to reward high-performing employees and increase employee retention. Teleworking was identified as a way for the State of Utah to provide increased flexibility and reduced commute times for workers, so a pilot is underway at the State Office Building to learn valuable lessons about how to scale teleworking across multiple agencies.

The benefits of teleworking include the potential for reduced facility costs, increased employee retention, improved air quality and additional workopportunities in rural Utah. If the pilot is successful and metrics from participants continue to show high productivity, the option of teleworking will be extended to more employees over the next year.

The video summarizes the teleworking objectives and current pilot. While teleworking already exists for some employees, this is a more aggressive and focused effort. It will be driven at an enterprise level with oversight from the Governor’s office, incorporate space utilization, track performance measures and be a tool to give high performers options for where they choose to work.