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Captive Division SUCCESS Story

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Goal of Success System

The Utah Insurance Department’s Captive Division implemented its SUCCESS system to meet the increasing demands of regulating captive insurers. Since 2008, the number of Utah-licensed captive insurers has grown an average of 27 percent annually. In that time, the State went from 93 licensed captive insurers to a high of 593.

To handle the increasing workload generated by this growth, the Division projected in 2014 that it would need an additional 20 analyst/examiners over the next four years. At about that time, the SUCCESS system was introduced to the Division. Although the Division was initially skeptical and resistant, it trusted leadership and began looking for ways to maximize the “blue light” of the analyst/examiners as taught through SUCCESS. It was this system that provided the solution to the division’s workload problem.


After reviewing Division workflow, it became abundantly clear that the analyst/examiners were bogged down with too many administrative activities. Because each of Utah’s 500+ captive insurers were submitting to the division a total of 3,000 to 5,000 documents per year, the analyst/examiners were spending a great deal of time filing and organizing those documents, time that could be better-devoted to conducting thorough and comprehensive regulatory and financial analyses. In short, the paper shuffling was cutting significantly into “blue light” time.

To minimize time spent organizing documents, the Division settled on a two-pronged solution: go paperless and hire an administrative assistant. To accomplish the first, the Division and DTS worked together to make forms and applications available online and to allow those documents to be submitted electronically. DTS also assisted in developing a web-based program for internally tracking captive companies and documenting the analysts’/examiners’ work on them. The Division also hired an administrative assistant to organize, store and maintain access to the thousands of electronic filings.


The Captive Division’s workflow is more efficient and productive. With electronic document filing and organization, the analyst/examiners spend more time at the “blue light” business of analyzing captive insurer filings. The administrative assistant adds to this effort by handling e-file intake, document organization and work-related travel. And without paper, the division’s physical footprint is smaller, thereby freeing up more space for other department activities.

In short, the projected need for 20 additional analyst/examiners is now gone. Thanks to the SUCCESS system, the division’s ranks have held steady even though the number of licensed captive insurers has continued to grow.