Utah Office of Tourism SUCCESS STORY

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Goal of Success System

The Utah Office of Tourism’s SUCCESS program aims to distill its many marketing and promotional activities into a single, easy to understand measure to gauge operational performance over time. Virtually all of its programs directly or indirectly drive out-of-state traffic to its consumer website, www.visitutah.com.

To ensure that the Office of Tourism’s SUCCESS measure is based on the highest-quality engagements with its website, it established two threshold goals based on time spent on its website and number of pages visited during a website session. The best performance between either of the two goals is recorded daily and becomes the office’s SUCCESS measure.


The Office of Tourism conducts domestic and international marketing campaigns using television, print, out-of-home, social media, content marketing, travel trade and public relations tactics to generate awareness and interest among out-of-state visitors to travel to Utah. Its website contains inspirational content and trip-planning information to facilitate travel planning.

While advertising campaigns are in-market, the office optimizes campaign performance by measuring the effectiveness of each element in its digital campaigns and eliminating underperforming portions of the buy. After each campaign concludes, it performs an advertising effectiveness study to holistically measure the campaign performance and the economic impact resulting from the campaign.


By the end of FY2018, the office will have measured SUCCESS via its two goals for four years. In February 2017, the Office of Tourism raised the rigor of its goal for time on site from 3 minutes to 4 minutes due to a change in measurement methodology in its website. Even considering this, the office continues to see an upward trend in performance throughout. The preliminary average year-over-year performance for FY18 is +24% and since 2014, the Utah Office of Tourism has improved to 3.11 from the baseline of 1.

Utah Office of Tourism SUCCESS STORY