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Utah SUCCESS Newsletter – August 2018

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Learn About 6 Months of Quality Improvements at the Utah State Hospital

When an individual accused of a crime is unable to participate in his/her legal defense due to mental health, a judge orders him/her to the state (Utah State Hospital) to be treated with the intention of restoring mental competency to stand trial. The Utah State Hospital (USH) has partnered with the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget to improve quality by decreasing wait times for forensic competency restoration treatment.

In the first six months of operational improvements, USH has reduced wait times by 76 percent and increased the number of individuals served by 78 percent compared to the same period last year. Check out the infographic and video included in this newsletter for more information on how USH achieved this success.

Congratulations to Superintendent Dallas Earnshaw and his team on this accomplishment.

Utah State Hospital Pilot Program Progress After 6 Months: Increased capacity to allow 66 admissions compared to 37 during the same time last year, reduced the average length of stay from 981 days to 798 days, discharged 66 people from the forensic unit compared to 39 over the same time last year

Life Elevated 2020 Initiative: Water


Utah is one of the fastest growing states in the nation. To meet the demands of this growth, Utah will need to use existing water more efficiently and likely need to develop additional water. However, the timing of water development projects can vary significantly depending on how efficiently existing water is used.