Principles of SUCCESS

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by Steve Cuthbert, Director, Operational Excellence

A quick search on reveals literally thousands of books and publications on management—many advocating certain approaches or concepts. How is it possible for a manager to follow all the current models? We can’t! However, we can maintain a principle-based approach to management by focusing on what truly works.

A principle is defined as a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief, behavior, or a line of reasoning. Principles generally do not change over time—they may be adapted to certain situations or environments but the essence remains the same.

The SUCCESS Framework is a principled approach to management that incorporates several basic elements. These elements are nothing new to the world of management—in fact, they are fairly well-known and simple. However, as with many basic principles, simple does not always equate to being easy to accomplish—especially when the biggest constraint in any organization is management time and attention.

Where, then, should managers focus their time and attention? By devoting time to the following items, you will be following the basic principles that are the foundation of the SUCCESS Framework.

  • Set goals and clear performance measures for every major system in your organization
  • Articulate strategies that support system critical resources or activities—those that generate the most value to the system
  • Understand and actively use the tools provided to inform policies and drive improvement
  • Continually engage with employees and customers as you work to improve performance
  • Provide leadership and build accountability by regularly reviewing performance data and project status

As stated, simple steps are not necessarily easy to execute. There is no absolute right or wrong way to implement these principles. However, the SUCCESS Framework includes the curriculum and tools proven to be effective in any management environment. You can access more information by visiting and selecting the operational excellence tab.