Why Speed Matters

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By Kristen Cox, GOMB Executive Director

How fast we do things is more important than you might think. Speed impacts almost every critical element of performance. Here are four reasons why we should pay attention to doing things faster….

Increase Your Capacity to Meet Demand

By becoming faster, a system can produce more of what it is supposed to produce or can serve more of the people it is designed to serve. How? The math is straight forward. If I can serve 10 people in 20 days and get fast enough that I can now serve those same 10 people in 10 days (cutting my cycle time in half), I can now serve 20 people in 20 days. The bottom line—getting faster allows us to do more with the same or fewer resources.

Respond Quickly to Critical Needs

Whether responding to allegations of abuse or helping someone secure employment, government often serves people who are vulnerable and in need of critical services. The faster we can gather the correct information, assign work, take action, or make decisions, the sooner we can deliver critical services.

Improve Your Reliability

In many environments, customers want to know that they can rely on government to provide the service within a guaranteed period of time. When we are inconsistent in delivering services, speed will often help bring the outliers into compliance. Equally important, customers feel less pressure to call or contact us to get status updates on the issue or service as we become more reliable—thereby freeing up more staff time to work on the task at hand. In short, reliability helps organizations move from a cycle of being reactive to one of enhanced performance.

Supports a Thriving Business Environment

There is an opportunity cost to those businesses that wait for government to make a decision like providing a permit, license, or information. The longer the business waits, the longer it takes for them to take action or make critical business decisions. Businesses do better when government is faster.

When checked against quality standards, accelerated services will improve almost everything we do in government.