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Demographic & Economic Analysis

Key Economic Performance Indicators

The Key Economic Performance Indicators (KEPI) report is a brief snapshot of the Utah economy – updates are usually available on a monthly basis.

Economic Report to the Governor

The 2016 Economic Report to the Governor is the most recent annual publication in this series. Through the last two decades, the report has served as the preeminent source for data, research, and analysis about the Utah economy.

Economic Outlook

The 2014 Economic Outlook is the third publication in what is an annual companion piece to the Economic Report to the Governor series. The Economic Outlook focuses on an estimated summary of the previous year and a forecast for the forthcoming year.

Data Guide

The Utah Data Guide is a quarterly newsletter for data users which has been published since 1982. Articles in the Data Guide focus on recently released data from federal sources with a special emphasis about Utah.

State Short-Run Economic Forecasts

Population Level Estimations

The Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget provides estimates of current population levels regularly. These estimates can be found in the files below:

2012 Baseline Projections

The Governor’s Office of Management and Budget has produced these demographic and economic projections for the State of Utah and the Counties using results from the 2010 Census as the base.


Older versions of these reports may also be available upon request. Please contact a member of GOMB for additional information.